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The Power of Prayer

At St Andrew’s, the power of invitational prayer can be seen and felt across the school. Children in our Church School Distinctiveness cabinet recently requested more opportunities for individual prayer, so this is what we have provided!

In addition to our daily Collective Worship (please see the tab above), the whole school community are invited to take part in prayer at different times of the day:

Lunchtime prayer

Our lunchtime prayer, written by our lunchtime prayer competition winner Jemima in Year 4, is available on every dinner table each day.

Spiritual garden

Our school spiritual garden is a perfect place for quiet contemplation, play and prayer during playtimes.

Classroom prayer space

Every classroom has a classroom prayer space where children and adults can access the trinity candles and age appropriate bible stories should they wish.

The Lord’s prayer

We teach and recite the Lord’s prayer regularly, looking at the words carefully and what it means for Christians today.

Our school prayer

We are very proud of our St Andrew’s School prayer, written especially for our school.

This is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the room be full of happiness
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of learning
And love of God
Let us remember
That many hands build a house
But many hearts make a school.   Amen.