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At St Andrew’s we aim for all our children to develop an interest and passion for science, equipping them with scientific knowledge that enables them to understand the importance Science plays in their everyday lives, today and for the future. It enables children to question, challenge and broaden their thinking and deepen their knowledge and understanding through the use of investigation, questioning and first hand experiences.

Throughout the school, children will have opportunities to investigate and progress their scientific ideas relating to Physics: the Study of Universe; Chemistry: the Study of Matter; Biology: the Study of Life and Living Organisms. Practical and investigative opportunities are regularly provided, to not only ensure progression, building on prior learning and scientific enquiry skills but also to teach children how to identify and manage health and safety issues including taking managed risks. They will be taught how to present their findings through discussion, as well as in written, diagram and chart form appropriate to their age.

The exciting program of studies within each teaching phase at St Andrew’s creates inquisitive learners with a greater understanding of the world around them and beyond.  Our Science end point document, benefits both teaching staff and pupils, permitting continual progression by ensuring prior learning and scientific enquiry skills are revisited and built on allowing children to acquire a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject and its vital role in our wonderful world.