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Our rich History curriculum is based on the historical knowledge, skills and vocabulary that each child will acquire during their time at St Andrew’s.

Teachers plan exciting lessons and activities to develop:

  • Topic knowledge – for pupils to engage meaningfully with the past, they need knowledge of the period/place/society they are studying.
  • Chronological knowledge – pupils need to develop a secure overview of main developments and periods in order to make sense of their knowledge.
  • Knowledge of substantive concepts – at  St Andrew’s we call these our Golden Threads which show links in the taught knowledge from EYFS to Year 6.  Our Golden Threads are Invention and Exploration, Community and Culture, Conflict and Disaster and Religion and Beliefs.

The children explore the past through the eyes of historians, comparing sources of evidence such as diaries, fossils and hidden artefacts.

History is brought alive through school trips, immersive experiences and visitors.