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Our Home/School Values

Experiencing ‘Life in all it’s Fullness’ at St Andrew’s means living out Christian values every day.

Our daily collective worship times and Religious Education lessons are a great way for the whole school community to explore these inclusive values, which are deeply rooted in the Bible, and their link to British values and those of other world faiths.

These values also give the Governing Body, Mrs Dimond, the teachers and our Pupil Parliament a purpose and focus for continual school improvement.  Our curriculum overview demonstrates how our vision and associated values underpin all we do:

In recent terms, the values we have focused on have included:

Windows, Mirrors and Doors

The whole school community is encouraged to develop their spirituality and moral values by thinking about windows, mirrors and doors.

Windows: Looking out at the values of others and asking questions such as: How can we influence the values of others? What happens if our values are different? What would Jesus do?
Mirrors: Looking at our own values and why they are important to us. Who helps to shape our values? How can we use our values to help others?
Doors: Taking action! Seeing injustice or unfairness. Using our values for good. Making a difference.

We encourage the children to live these values out of school too. Support for parents and carers and a link to our current home/school value can be found on our home page.