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Knowledge Organisers and Skills Wheels

To help our children focus on the key learning for each year group and remember it, the staff at St Andrew’s have devised bespoke Knowledge Organisers and Skills Wheels. The children are very proud as they see and feel their skills and knowledge grow as they progress through the school.

Knowledge Organisers

Our Knowledge Organisers identify the key knowledge and vocabulary that the children will be encountering during a unit of work. They are highly visual and aim to support children who find it difficult to recall prior learning.

Our Knowledge Organisers also identify the area of learning or ‘Golden Thread’ that will be explored in that unit and revisited throughout the child’s time at St Andrew’s.

Please click on the examples of our Knowledge Organisers below:

Skills Wheels

In some subjects, we use our Skils Wheels to identify the key skills needed to be a good scientist, historian or geographer etc. These skills are woven throughout the units of work so that the children have lots of opportunity to develop them.

Please see examples of our Skills Wheels below: